Malta Marathon

Mdina 2 Spinola Thank You

The Mdina 2 Spinola Traditional 10.8 Mile Xmas Road Race is the second most popular athletic event in Malta, following the Malta Marathon.

The success of this event is made possible by the assistance given by a good number of people. Without them and their help, it would be impossible to stage the 2nd most popular athletic event in Malta.

The following is a list of the main organisations and individuals whom the organiser would like to thank:

LESA, Transport Malta, Malta Public Transport, Inspire, David Serge, Sandra Serge, Mark Serge, James Azzopardi, Andrew Fleri Soler, Brian Casingena, Julian & Nicola Micallef, the Finish Officials and friends of Joe Micallef.

Official Sponsor



San Michel
Official Water Supplier

Official Logistics Partner

Official Sports Drink


Official Regional Sicilian Committee

Official Electric Car



By partnering with us, sponsors will reinforce their brand image with the loyal sports-minded public, increase image awareness and name visibility for services and products, and generate goodwill throughout Malta and the worldwide running community. If interested, contact us.

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