Malta Marathon

Hall OF Fame Challenge 22/23 Season

This season we were unable to confirm that the Hall Of Fame would be sustainable due to the low turnout of participants that each race was experiencing.

However, as things have turned out, the number of participants in 3 of the races that we organise, increased substantially. Although, we are still far from the number of participants we had in 2018, 2019 and the begining of 2020, we will still be giving out the awards based on the following races - 2022 Attard 5K, 2022 LRC 10K, 2022 Zurrieq HM & 10K, 2022 M2S, 2023 Malta Marathon and Malta Half Marathon and the 2023 Attard 10K.

We will once again be giving teams and individual athletes what they deserve.

We will retain the sames rules as in the past, to work out the team and individual placings. However, there is 1 change to the team cash awards. 75% of the usual amount will be given in the same way to the first 5 teams with the most participating athletes. The remaining 25% will be distributed between the same 5 teams based on the % number of their participating athletes from the total participating athletes of the 5 top teams.

This award is a chance for all individual athletes and teams participating in organised races to feature in the leaderboard classification updated after each race. The classification will be based on the accumulation of points awarded for each race based on the position of the individual athletes and the number of finishers.

The current races are the Attard 5K, the LRC 10K, the ZHM & 10K, the M2S, the Attard 10K, the Malta Marathon & Malta Half Marathon. Races may be excluded or other races may be included during the athletic season at the discretion at the organiser's discretion.

It is of utmost importance that when one fills an application form for all races, the correct ID number is inserted each time, including any letters. The ID number is the only identifier for the system to know that the applicant in each race is the same one, otherwise the system will treat the applicant as a different person and points gained will not be added to the same individual account and this may not be possible to rectify.

An example as to how points are award is as follows:

If a female or male athlete finishes in 250th position in a race that has 500 finishers, the athlete will be awarded 251 points, the 1st athete will be awarded 500points and the 500th finisher 1 point.

The points awarded for the Zurrieq Half Marathon and the Malta Marathon will be multiplied in proportion to the number of finishers in the Zurrieq 10K and the Malta Half Marathon respectively. The multipliers based on history would be in the region of x 3 for the Zurrieq Haf Marathon and x 4 for the Malta Marathon. This is because of the difference in the number of finishers between the ZHM and the Z10K and the MM and the MHM. Same principle appies to any other event in the Hall Of Fame that has more than 1 race.

1 point will be given to each athlete registered with a club or team for that club or team for each race that the athlete finishes.

After each race the leader board will be updated as follows: (Since the decision to hold the 2022/23 Hall Of Fame was taken after the Malta Marathon, the points were not updated after each race).

The first 10 teams with the most points

The first 10 males with the most points

The first 10 females with the most points

The first 5 male and female O40, O45, O50, O55, O60, O65, O70 and O75 with the most points. Since athletes may cross over from one age category to another over the course of the races that pertain to the Leaderboard Hall Of Fame, such athletes will remain in the category that they start in and will keep on getting points from their new category.


The organisers reserve the right to change the point system either for all races or for individual races at any time during the athletic season.


The final race which will decide the 2022/2023 Leaderboard Hall Of Fame awards will be teh Attard 10K. No ppoints will be awarded for any cancelled races and the final classifation will be based on the points obtained from the races held.


The awards will be as follows:

1st Team €750 + %, 2nd Team €600 + %, 3rd Team €450 + %, 4th Team €300 + %, 5th Team €150 + %. Payments for team awards will be paid by bank transfer to the winning Club or Team and not to any other account. If this is not possible the team will forfeit it’s placing and it will be taken by the next eligible team, other following teams will also move up a place.

1st Male, €300 in cash and €400 in vouchers, 2nd Male €200 in cash and €300 in vouchers, 3rd Male €100 in cash and €200 in vouchers.

1st Female, €300 in cash and €400 in vouchers, 2nd Female €200 in cash and €300 in vouchers, 3rd Female €100 in cash and €200 in vouchers.

1st Male and Female in each of the following Age Categories: O40, O45, O50, O55, O60, O65, O70 and O75 - €75 in vouchers.

2nd Male and Female in each of the following Age Categories: O40, O45, O50, O55, O60, O65, O70 and O75 - €50 in vouchers.


Only participants who have finished at least 2 races of the relevant athletic season will be eligible for any individual awards. In case of a tie, then the athlete with the most number of participations will be awarded the higher position. If there is still a tie, then the athlete who obtained the highest points in any of the races participated in will be awarded the higher position.

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